Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Full Audition.

I think Daddy might be proud of me :)

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  1. Hiya Siobhán, we are all so so proud of you here in Ireland. You're a little superstar & your performance last night was absolutely amazing. You are so so talented & it's clear that all of your hard work on top of your natural ability is paying off. I absolutely think you should go back next year to prove Ashley wrong! I can see his point that you're only 9 years old; imagine how amazing you'll be this time next year!But you know the audience, Kimberley & your biggest fan Adam were so impressed last night. Keep on dancing& keep that dedication up. It's a long road when you're a dancer or a musician (I've been studying piano for 23 years now!)but so completely worth it when you perform from your heart like you do. That's something that can't be taught but that you are born with & you have it by the bucket-full. I'm looking forward to seeing you dance in the final next year!Well done again, Michelle