Tuesday, February 8, 2011

That Was Amazing!!

I'm back home in Ireland now after being in England for the Got to Dance semi-final. It was amazing! Really incredible! I loved every single part of it. The few days leading up to the live show at Pinewood studios were busy!!!!! All of the semi-final acts stayed in the same hotel and it was brilliant to meet everybody. QMX were so cool and looked after me backstage - thank you xx Shockarellas were  so lovely, so were Jukebox Juniors and Happiness. My ma has swapped phone numbers with some of the dancers and I hope we meet up again.
I've had a lot of people saying they're sorry I didn't make it through to the final which is really nice to hear. I had a LOT of fun dancing on that stage and couldn't stop smiling for ages afterwards!! I'm pleased people liked my dance because I worked hard on it. I'm not sorry I didn't make it to the final. It would have been brilliant to dance again but the whole experience was incredible and I got to dance on TV in front of loads of people. It was the best time ever and I'm very lucky to have had this chance. I'd like to say well done to Turbo and Dance Dynamix though, I'm very happy for them.
I'm looking forward to watching the rest of the shows and the final. Good luck to Mystic Force!!!
This isn't the end of my fairytale though - I'm going to keep on dancing because it's so important to me, I LOVE dancing!!
Thank you to everyone that has supported me on this journey and has enjoyed watching me dance - hopefully you'll see me again soon xx

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  1. Siobhan, you should have WON the whole show, if you ask me. :) I'm sad you didn't get through... I hope you find somewhere that can truly appreciate your talents!