Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm going to be on the Ray D'Arcy show tomorrow!

It's been another good day. My mammy told me that we're going to Dublin to dance tomorrow and we're going to the radio station to be interviewed by Ray D'Arcy. They want me to dance on the radio - how does that work? So if you'd like to listen, I'll be on the Ray D'Arcy show tomorrow with my ma on Today FM (100-102) after the 11 o'clock news.

Ray D'Arcy
My mammy also said that we're going to be on Ireland AM on TV3 next Thursday. Cool!!! Thank you loads Elaine xxx

I'm still really looking forward to watching the next Got to Dance. I'm actually really looking forward to watching Lauren dance, I think she's amazing. She sent me a message to say she likes my dancing too - I was really happy when she said that because she's one of my favourites on the show.
Lauren Hair
I also really, really love Mystic Force. They're brilliant Irish Dancers and very exciting to watch - I can't wait to see their next dance! I'll definitely be supporting them and giving them and Lauren my votes :D

Mystic Force
It's not long to go now. I'm happy with my semi-final dance. I've been working hard on it and I hope you enjoy it when you see it too.

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