Monday, January 3, 2011

A message from my mummy.

Hiya, this is Siobhan's mum here. Thanks for the support and for following Siobhan. Siobhan got really excited watching Got to Dance last night and is still very excited today.We sat and watched it together again this morning. She was very pleased with the judges comments and was made up that Kimberley liked her too. It was amazing to see my little girl on the TV, I am so, so proud of everything she has achieved through her determination. She just loves to dance..ALL the time and has got here through her love of dance!! Reagan and I will support her for as long as she wants us to. I don't mind being the taxi for her lol. We love all our kids and would do anything for them as long as it's what they want too. Siobhan loves dancing, so we'll do our best for her.
I know a lot of people have been a little shocked by my asking Adam for a cuddle, but Siobhan said she wasn't embarrassed and wouldn't change me for the world - she knows that's just me being me. I would never want to embarrass her and would be quieter for her, if that's what she wanted. She knows me for being a fun-loving, different, enthusiastic and honest mum. She said if she's ever on stage again, I can do it again...but I don't think I will!! Lol!

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